Maryland voters are fed up. We no longer have a real voice on critical decisions being made by federal, county, and state elected officials. Corporate lobbyists and establishment politicians, with fake words, have taken over our government.

A new American political movement to reclaim democracy for working people was born with Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Our Revolution Maryland is part of this national movement to take back our government and to address the serious problems that have been ignored by the current political establishment.

Since January, thousands of Marylanders have joined together and formed county organizations around our state.  We are demanding that government  meet the needs of the people, not the corporate lobbyists and wealthy campaign contributors. Our Revolution Maryland is activating tens of thousands of Maryland voters to take back their government. We will recruit, empower and train progressive candidates who won’t be bought. When we stick together we will win.

And in fact, we have already won–passing the first statewide fracking ban.  And we need to do more–make MD a sanctuary state, pass a $15 minimum wage, and restrictive bail, and make community college free and 4 year college debt free.